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About Robotech Services

About Robotech Services

Robotech Services is an Alberta-based company focused on providing robotic solutions to the modern-day challenges faced by humans. We are the distributor for the innovative disinfection robots manufactured by UVD Robots of Denmark, who are pioneers in this field and are one of the leading manufacturers in the world of such technology. UVD Robots are already in use in over 70 countries, including the USA, to kill pathogens, bacteria and viruses, including the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes the COVID-19 illness.

These robots use the C spectrum of ultraviolet light which deactivates the genetic core of bacteria, viruses, mites, mould, and other harmful microorganisms. Unlike chemical cleaners, no type of microorganisms has any resistance to it.

Robotech Services provides an end-to-end solution that includes

  • Supply and installation
  • Training and after-sales service
  • Robots as a service (RaaS)
  • Consulting

The Need

The UVD Robot is used to complement the regular cleaning routines and aim to prevent and reduce the spread of infectious diseases, bacteria, viruses, and other types of harmful micro-organisms.

The UVD Robot helps in creating safe and healthy working environments by providing the highest level of disinfection.

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The mission of Robotech Services Inc is to create a healthy and safe environment for humans.We take pride in offering UVD Robots, that are helping several industries & facilities in solving their disinfection challenges.

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UVD Robots Features


Proven UV-C germicidal irradiation technology


Fully autonomous


Safe and Easy to Use


Efficient and Economical


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