UVD Robots for Hospitality

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The hospitality sector was devastated during the pandemic and customers are reluctant to return due to the high risk these public areas pose. The UVD Robots can ensure safety across all areas of the hospitality sector by destroying all harmful micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses on the surface and in the air. The UVD Robot can, autonomously, disinfect a mapped area, taking away the need for human intervention, and complete 2 days worth of sanitization, within one hour.

Banquet Halls

Elevate the confidence of your customer with UVD Robots

Hotels, Pubs, Restaurants, Banquet Halls, Conference Centres all contain critical and regularly used touch points where transmission of viruses is more likely.

Targeting such hot spots, the Covid-19 killing robot from UVD Robots, can effectively and efficiently destroy the bugs and assist the entire sector in restoring the confidence of the customers, guests and users.


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