UVD Robots for Education

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The UVD Robot has a wide range of applications in large lecture halls, seminar rooms, communal areas, student accommodation and in particular toilets, kitchen and common living areas. The UVD Robot can assist the education sector in getting back to 'business as usual' in a safe and effective manner.


UVD Robots: Pathway to Safety

A fundamental way to ensure that the staff and students are safe is by targeting critical touchpoints shared by thousands in canteens, washrooms and lecture rooms. The UVD Robots can quickly and efficiently disinfect the surfaces of a room in approximately ten minutes. Using UV-C light, this UVD Robots kills the virus, or other harmful microorganisms.

When paired with the tablet, it maps out the possible disinfection routes, which is easy to handle and can be used by regular cleaning staff of the university, school or college. The UVD Robots from Robotech Services Inc has a great practical approach and tends to control the spread of the virus among students and staff. 

Educational Sector
Educational Sector

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